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COMING SOON!   The Radio Drama production of my show “ROSE”!    

Synopsis:  “Attack of the 50 ft. Woman” meets “Fixer Upper”. A young minimalist couple have just built a tiny home.  The only thing missing from their picture perfect world is a baby.  Through a designer baby fertility clinic they plan to add just that.  But when she’s born with mysterious growth spurts plans of a simple life unravel.  Keeping up with her needs is impossible and when her “needs” become “wants” the stakes rise for the whole cast.  (A dramady) 

Special thanks go out to everyone at Fort Lewis College and KDUR and all of the amazing people who made it possible! This production has been a whirlwind.  After the development of the musical “ROSE” came to a halt during Covid , this version was born.  Much of the music was kept to underscore the action and deconstructing the story from a musical to  a play was fun and challenging.    Tune in for cast info and more updates on the premier this summer on KDUR 91.9 & 93.9 FM!

Sneak Preview!




photography by Angie Wood

Bio & Contact

Mary Crystal Wood

singer/songwriter/playwright/audio production/ voice over

Lover of all things great and small, Mary grew up in Oklahoma and is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation. She studied music, theater and audio production at the University of Oklahoma and Fort Lewis College. Mary has peformed across the US and was featured in an ASCAP Songwriter Showcase at the Kennedy Center in 2006. She released 3 albums with her husband Yancy and Yantastik Records: Simple, At Your Door & Pathways. Mary’s monologues and play excerpts have been performed by DeFrente Productions, NY, NY.  ASCAP, DRAMATIST GUILD of AMERICA, NAFH.


“The Button” monologue