singer/songwriter Mary Crystal Wood

 "Pathways"  release date March 25!  But here are a few tracks to share while you're waiting for the world to right itself :) 


photography by Angie Wood

"ROSE" the musical


Setting: A small suburban town outside of Boston: the very near future. 

A young minimalist couple have just built a tiny home.  The only missing piece in their perfect world now is a child. Through a designer baby fertility clinic they hope to add just that.  

The physician promises them success. But when  the  baby  is born with spontaneous growth spurts plans of a simple life unravel.   

 Curing her condition becomes the top priority of her doctors.  She outgrows everything-  her toys, her parents, and  the even tiny home.  No one can keep up with her needs.  And when "needs" become "wants" the stakes rise for every member of the cast.  





A reading of an excerpt from "Rose". Defrente Productions Garden Party. 2-20-20, Torn Page, New York, NY.

Preston and June read by Victoria Raigo and Harrison Santana.  Song's performed " Everything's Gonna Be Perfect" and "Simple".  

Prof. Von Rhinehart - Zac Wood

Nurse - Sienna Pratter 


Mary Crystal Wood